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Bianca Bagaric 2013


Here I am standing here just thinking why Cinderella has to clean all of this, I feel quiet sorry for her. I seriously don’t get why mother let’s her clean up everything.

“Ding, dong” I hear loudly while ‘Cindy’ answers the door. All I hear is whispering at the door and  then a “Bang” the door slams. “Step mother, there is mail for you from the palace”.

While mother pushes me while rushing down the stairs to see what there is.

“There’s 4 letters ‘invites’ to the ball at the palace. “Ohhh, yay….I’m going to pick out my dress for the ball”, my sister says excitingly.

“Hmm, I’m invited to step mother, so that means I can go”. “Uh ah, yes but after you finish….cleaning, the floor, windows beds! Do you want me to keep going.”

“No, step mother”. While mother is walking up the stairs I go down and ask Cinderella if she really wants to go, and she said “Yes, I would love to go”, while spinning around on the spot.

“But Cindy, if you really wanted to go you would have to clean all of my room up first before the big day, and I would be able to help you out to get ready.




My sister and my mother where almost about done getting ready, while I was going to feed the dog Barney, because I do take out dog for granted not like my mother or sister.

“Daniella”, my mother calls me. I ran quickly down stairs to see what she wants, “I’ll need you to see what Cinderella still needs to clean up, then meet us at the ball by 8:00”, “Yes, mother” I reply back. I say nothing until I hear the door slam, then I know she’s gone.

“Cinderella, Cinderella….where are you?” I whisper, “I’m here in your room”

“Oh, are you ready to get to the ball”,

“Almost…I’m not ready”. “Ehhh, Cindy I’m sorry but I can’t help you, mother wants me at the ball by 8:00”.

While I close the door to go out of the house, I can hear Cinderella, crying, but seriously I can’t help her right now but I do have someone else who will be able to, a fairy godmother that I used to get my-self not to look ugly but in the end it didn’t really work.

I click my fingers and I hear a gust or air go past me through the door. “I guess I’ll see you at the ball after all…Cinderella!”


I get there and I see mother trying to talk to the prince. “Who, ah” I hear from the crowd say.

While a beautiful girl walks in and I just know its Cindy, I giggle a bit and smile at her just about until the prince comes and decides to dance with her.

“Who, is this girl dancing with the prince”, “I don’t know” I reply back to my mother and sister.

While Cinderella and her prince dance out onto the balcony where the moon light touches, I sit back and just deicide to think about hoe “Happily Ever After” really does come true.

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