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Ava Gaskett 2017


I wake up today, wishing they would go away.

Always at my side,

Like sand and the tide.

It never stops.

Some days I sit and wonder what I would do without them.

The only people I can talk to, walk to.

The only people I truly love.


Hello Friend


Do you know who I am?

I know who you are.

Who am I, do you ask?

I am your heart.

I am the organ in your body that doesn’t stop fighting.

I am that beating sensation you get when you are nervous.

To you, I am a stranger lurking in the depths, But I am always here.

For I, am your heart.

I see you through love and heartbreak, through tears and pain.

I see you through laughter and joy, and sorrow and vain.

I am here all the time.

 I do not sleep.

 I keep you alive, tell you to thrive.

I live your life with you.

For I, am your heart.

The First Fleet

I feel my unyielding bed under my spiritless body.

Hearing the sound of the waves crashing against the ship.

I taste nothing. Not a crumb of scrumptious food in weeks.

Smelling a rough wisp of hope.

I see the one thing I did wrong, playing over my mind.

The Mind

The mind.

A constant machine.

Never stopping to rest.

Never stopping to breathe.

But at the same time,

Always stopping to rest,

Always stopping to breathe.

Changing your thoughts and feeling,

But most of all,

Changing yourself.

One second you’re you, and the next you are someone else.

Some may think your mind doesn’t define who you are,

What you will become.

But they are wrong.

Your mind is everything.

Best Friend

Inside my head, everything sits.

I love her so much, her and her wit.

She is always here for me, fighting be my side.

To think that I have a friend like her, it gives me great pride.

We didn’t know each other, eight months ago, but through all these days, it just goes to show.

You can find your best friend, and laugh all the time.

I am so lucky to have her, have her with me.

Refugee Poem

Pushed up to the gate, I sit and wait in agony.

I am cradled by the screaming cries of shadows from my family.


How did I get here?

 What did I do?

Never did I picture this, to be here with you.


 I want to leave, to a safer place.

 Put me on the boat, and we can embrace.

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