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Anonymous 2019

Things I Remember



Something remembered from the past.

"One of my earliest memories is of sitting on his knee"




I remember when I was 3 and we played in the garden at kindergarten.

She took photos and laughed.

He lifted me high enough to touch the flowers on the bushes that were too tall for me.


I remember when I was 5 and I opened the car door a little too far and it bumped the poll.

He slammed the door back onto me.

I laid in the car for 20 minutes and cried.


I remember when I was 6 after school she took us home and made us ice cream cones.

He came home and had some too.

We would all go in the pool and he would let us jump off his shoulders.


I remember when I was 7 and I stepped on the bee.

I cried to her because it hurt.

It didn’t hurt as much as the slap across the face she gave me to stop me crying.


I remember when I was 8 we went to the river for Jesse’s birthday.

We all sat on the riverbank and did mud facials.

They let me rub mud on their faces.


I remember when I was 10 she said I needed braces.

She said I’d better take care of them.

She said now they couldn’t go on a family holiday because of me.


I remember when I was 11 he made me hot chocolate for rehearsals every week.

She did my makeup for me.

They both came to watch and brought the whole family.




I remember when I was 12 Chris died.

She cried really hard and told me I shouldn’t be upset.

She told me I should get over it because I barely knew him


I remember when I was 13 we went to Bright for the first time.

He was there for my birthday that year.

He took me to get ice cream with Elly and Graeme.


I remember when I was 14 he told me it was for attention.

She said I had to be up to her standards.

They almost had 2 kids instead of 3.


I remember the other day she asked “what the hell is wrong with you” because I was wearing heals to work.

He picked me up on the bike and we went for a beautiful ride.

We all pretended I don’t remember anything.

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