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Anastasia Ladas 2013

The Dreamer


A little girl stood in the middle of her bedroom
From her bedroom, she could hear the laughter of downstairs,
From the bedroom, she could hear her mother’s happy laugh and her sister’s ready jokes.
This was all she wanted to ever hear – the sound of laughter and happiness.
She was happy when she was with her family… she didn’t know why….
One night, she was lying in her room
And thought she’d have a listen to the sounds from downstairs
She heard the TV and knew at once what her family was watching
She could hear ‘The Vampire Diaries’, her all-time favourite show
She knew she could hear it clearly, so she just sat there on her bed
She eventually fell asleep with the sound of the television ringing in her ears
Eventually, the little girl convinced herself there was such a place, somewhere out there
She told her friends about it, they believed her too, so did her family
She would hole herself in her room, in a tent of doona covers and blankets
Imagining the alternate universe, sketching her images of it
She would go there when she was asleep, she was sure of it…
One day she would go there… One day…

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