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Ale Prunotto 2013

Between the Silence

The uniqueness of each human mind endows music with boundless potential
Let it take you on a journey
Can you hear the drumming of bare feet
In the dust
As spirits dance across the night sky?
Can you hear the heart-rending cry
Of grief echoing
Between sky-scraper canyons?
Can you hear a pod of whales
Moaning to each other
In joy?
Music is what we make of it
Do you hear what I hear
When a cat walks
Gingerly across a piano?
Do you savour the texture
Of the murmuring drone permeating
An expectant crowd?
Do you find yourself tapping
To the beat
Of your car indicator?
Sometimes people forget what music really is
They put on starched collars
And lock themselves is a room with four white walls
Across which black dots crawl like ants
They forget that music isn’t so complicated
Tell them
It is colour
The unity of a thousand voices swells
More powerfully than a tsunami
It sweeps up listeners and cracks open the shells
They protect their hearts with
And all around the universe watches our ancient earth
Turning silently in the blackness

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