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Ainara Fantossi Guemberena

The Curse of the Blood Red Wallet

They say there was once an old man who had a wallet. Most day’s cruel people would steal from him. As the days went by many have stolen from him but the wallet was still full of $100 bills. One day he was tired of people stealing money from him so before he died he cursed the pure blood red coloured wallet. He yelled

“Whoever steals from my wallet will be killed how I see fit in a matter of hours”.


As he yelled it a loud and clear, nobody cared to listen. After his death, many stole from the rich blood red wallet but there were no survivors. I did not believe in the curse either so when night strikes I walked down to the old man’s house. As I walked inside the old house, I could hear the old creaky stairs squeaking and as I open door by door, each one would close and lock on their own. A few hours later I finally found the red wallet. As I reached in for the shiny green money, I hesitated but when I heard the door closing, I grabbed the money and bolted out of the house.


As I went to bed, I slowly closed my eyes thinking how rich I will be and how proud my parents will be but suddenly I heard someone come in from the front door. I went to check to see who it was but there was not a soul there, only the door was open. I returned to bed but as I went upstairs I heard a noise. As I got closer and closer to the top of the stairs the noise was getting louder. However, when I stopped I saw a man in the shadows and I noticed he had a gun in his hand. I quickly ran out of the door and down streets. I ran and ran but it was useless, he was quicker than time itself. I ran as fast as my little two legs could let me but it was no use. He was a few inches away from me. I screamed as hard as loud as I could.

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