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Adam Moss 2015

I Pray

When we pray
When we do pray 
Why do we only pray
For those who are our Christian brothers,
For our faith filled sisters,
For our Christ like mothers,
I thought; I believed; that we were all God's children. 
But instead we just pray
For our Christian kin 
And just the Christians that are suffering
Persecuted...prosecuted...and abused
Why..have we forgotten that God created man.
Or do we now just believe that he only made the Christian man. 
Because what I see the most in this Anglo Saxon land;
Is persecution towards our Muslim man,
Racism towards our African man,
Hatred toward our refuge seeking man,
They are the man...who most need our prayers;
Because they are our forgotten man, 
They are our outcast man,
And yet they are still God's man. 
It is they who are our kin 
Not necessarily our Christian kin 
But if we all have one father 
If we are all our brothers 
Then they are our kin

But when we pray for forgiveness,
Why do we exclude ourselves?
Why is it that we pray for forgiveness for those sinners?
You are not broken because you are gay
You are not broken because you are addicted
You are not broken because you're a killer
We are all broken because we are all human
And I was told by Jesus that we are all sinners. 
And was it not Christ himself who said 
"forgive them lord for they know not what they do" 
And is it not we who are they? 
So why do we pray?

A Prayer for those in need;
Is more powerful than a prayer for Christians in need...unless it's for forgiveness. 
But in the end Christians have our Christ 
And He hears all our prayers.
But what about those without God 
Without their own prayer
Is it not our job to lend them a hand
A caring hand 
A helping hand
Two praying hands?
Persecution towards people
Muslim people 
Christian people
Ethnic people
Anglo people
It is all persecution,
And we are all people
So as I bow my head to pray...
I pray 


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