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Morgan Taylor 2013

Running Through the Seasons

The sky is storming
my feet hit the ground
I keep on running
I can’t hear a sound.

The rain, it hardens
and turns into snow
I keep on running
with nowhere to go.

When the snow melts
and flowers bloom
I keep on running
night until noon.

The weather warms up
it showers again
I keep on running
not sure ‘til when.

The heatwaves come
I tire and sweat
I keep on running
I’m not there yet.

The ground dries up
and the plants all die
I keep on running
not quite sure why.

The air becomes chill
and shortens the days
I keep on running
feeling my way.

The leaves start to fall
but plants bloom anew
I’ll always keep running
‘cause I’m running to you.

Love Never Found


Truth or Lies

If love hides in shallow crevices,
written just beneath a human’s breast,
then why, pray tell,
is it so elusive
of those who seek it most?


The truth cleanses your mind
and makes angels sing.
The truth was there at the beginning of the beginning,
but it’s not enough, it never is.

What are these lies, little prickling lies?
“I haven’t changed”
“I still love you”
And although we lie
simply because
we need to protect each other,
we cannot go on
heads full of deceit,
standing shoulder to shoulder.

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